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FURminator Shed Less Treatment® (Shampoo and Conditioner, Solution)

Step 1: FURminator deShedding Shampoo®

  • Non-irritating, non-drying, shampoo.
  • Hypoallergenic formula.
  • Works great on all shedding dogs.
  • Used by Vets and Pro Groomers world-wide!
  • Enriched with, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • Leaves a shiny, healthy top coat.

How it works...

  • The FURminator deShedding Shampoo®, along with a massaging bath, seperates a pet's top and undercoat, stimulating the hair follicles and invigorating circulation in the skin.   

Next step, FURminator deShedding Solution®... 

Step 2: FURminator deShedding Solution®

  • Non-irritating, non-drying formulation.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Contains oatmeal, vitamins, and protein for a healthy and shiny top coat.
  • Works well on both long and short hair dogs.
  • Used by Vets and Pro Groomers world-wide.
  • Puppy safe.

How it works...

  • The FURminator deShedding Solution® is an ideal formulation enriched with oatmeal, vitamins and aloe vera to help release a pet's undercoat and loose hair, all while adding strength to the hair shafts of the top coat and promoting healthy skin. 


These are 100% real examples of what the FURminator Shed Less Treatment® has done for real dogs. You will be glad you left the mess at Dirty Johnson's!  

Dirty Johnson's Self-Service Dog Wash is the #1 place to wash your dog in Salt Lake City, Utah! Our dog wash tubs were designed with you in mind, and our do-it-yourself facility has everything you need to do a great job at an affordable price.  If you have any questions about self service dog washing, our dog friendly shampoo and conditioner, or anything else you can think of, please call our shop at the number below. Our self service dog wash professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for making Dirty Johnson's Salt Lake City's #1 Self Service Dog Wash!


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